Dubai is known for the lavish lifestyle, towering skyscrapers, and sumptuous shopping destinations. Yet, the heart-stopping excitement of a desert safari makes for quite the opposite experience – one that’s equally seductive to adventure seekers and culture enthusiasts alike. As exciting as a desert safari sounds, what to wear is a crucial ingredient for enhancing every bit of your desert safari experience. Our guide is designed to make sure you dress both comfortably, and suitably, so you can embrace the adventure head on.

Understanding the Desert Climate

Choosing the correct clothing is essential in the harsh environment of the desert as the extreme conditions require a strategic approach. For a dramatic desert morning safari, enjoying the cooler evenings, or taking on the dunes on a quad bike or buggy, the heat during the day and cooler nights means the need to make clever choices.

Essential Clothing for a Desert Safari

 Light-colored, breathable fabrics feel best and are most versatile on all tours, providing comfort during the heat of the day and ease of movement with any activity – be it a leisurely camel ride or an exhilarating quad bike adventure.

Appropriate Footwear for the Desert Terrain

Closed shoes are a must whether you’re walking on the hot sands during a morning safari or taking command of a quad bike – yes, you get to do that too! They protect you from the heat and provide stability and comfort for all activities.

Accessories to Enhance Your Desert Safari Experience

Sun protection, such as sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, is vital. A scarf can protect you from sand during faster-paced activities like dune bashing or quad biking and add a layer of warmth during cooler evening tours.

Layering Strategies for Changing Temperatures

Layering is key, especially for those participating in morning or evening safaris. A lightweight jacket or sweater will keep you comfortable as temperatures drop.

Cultural Considerations and Respectful Attire

Modesty in dress is important across all tours, respecting local customs. This is especially pertinent when your adventure takes you through local villages or cultural sites, as often occurs during the Abu Dhabi City Tour. 

Special Gear for Adventure Activities

For more intense activities like Dune Buggy and Quad Bike tours, consider protective eyewear and clothing that can withstand the rigors of the desert environment. Comfort and protection are paramount.

Packing Tips for Your Desert Safari

Your packing list will vary slightly depending on the tour. Essentials remain the same: water, sunscreen, and appropriate clothing. For adventure tours, consider additional protective gear.

Safety and Comfort: Final Checklist

A final review of your preparedness for any of these tours will ensure a seamless experience. Make sure you have the necessary gear and attire to fully enjoy the unique offerings of each tour.


Light, breathable clothing with protection for your head and eyes. Adjust layers according to the time of day.

Closed-toe shoes are recommended for protection and comfort.

Dress modestly and comfortably, suitable for the weather and activities.

Include an extra layer for cooler temperatures after sunset.

Avoid heavy, dark, and restrictive clothing that could detract from your enjoyment and comfort.

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